The Virtual Showroom helps you to facilitate a real-life product show – for example as part of a Hotel show, a conference or some family&friends events.
Simply by scanning the Showroom’s QR code or via email/whatsapp invite code, your audience will directly join you on the virtual/real-world interleaved show: You present your products and talk your audience through unique selling points, styles etc – while everybody in your audience will simultaneously have access to the corresponding product page. You move on to the next product – and everyone’s local screen is updated simultaneously!
Additional product information is accessible on a finger tip. And, of course, items can be bookmarked for further review – or, even better, directly added to the virtual shopping cart.
At the end of your presentation, every customer in your audience has a pre-filled order list and can individually fine-adjust quantities while still having fresh memory of the product display. No more pen&paper lists with cumbersome number-noting, no outdated price information, nothing to get forgotten.