Unlock your inRiver PIM data - FREE data check and connector setup!
Unlock your inRiver PIM data - FREE data check and connector setup!
For a limited time we are able to provide free data assessment for your inRiver product data and initial catalog setup - caused by the travel ban due to Corona Covid-19 breakout.

You are a (prospect) inRiver customer and like the Electronic Catalog Book? As we are proud of the hassle-free integration with inRiver, we offer a limited time free data checkup and ECB setup for you! This should allow you to better judge the advantages the ECB provides - for example compared to the built-in inRiver Content Store.

Checkup Approach

The checkup and setup is typically executed within one business week - where investment from your side is typically below 1h!

Following steps are required:

  • Optional - but recommended: We mutually sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If you don't have your own agreement required by your legal team, we are happy to share a template with you.
  • You ask your developer to create a Read-Only user on your inRiver test instance and provide the REST API Key to us.

    We will then:

Once our prework is completed, we will have a 45min guided tour with you where we talk you through the ECB with your own product data.

If - though we don't think this will happen - you don't see the potential in the ECB setup we can provide within a week, we can quickly terminate the setup - no one-time or running cost on your end whatsoever.

Get in contact...

...to reserve your slot in this limited time offer! Jointly we have the chance to plant some powerful seeds during the uncertain times of Corona!

Limited time offer

based on capacity gain caused by travel ban

Request alignment call

Please provide your first name / last name so we can reach out to you.
Please provide link to your corporate website, ideally at the product portfolio as you currently present it to your B2B / B2C customers.
If you have your REST API key already, please share it with us. Note: It is recommended to only use a read-only user and only provide access to your test / staging system!
As - despites being a digital-native company - we still believe a personal and verbal contact is best: Please provide your phone number so we can call you to arrange next steps.