Electronic Collection Book
Electronic Collection Book
Revolutionize paper-based sell-in and replenishment processes
Sales support on a finger tip
Sales support on a finger tip
All B2B / B2E relevant information
available at your fingertip - no matter where it's mastered
True Mobile first - B2B ready
True Mobile first - B2B ready
Familiarize your customers with your products and novelties
...and seamlessly allow them to order or download
Supports sales presentations, fashion shows and fairs
Supports sales presentations, fashion shows and fairs
You present what you are best at - your products...
...we enable your customers to bookmark, research and order

Information at your finger tip...

Corporate Identity

Fully customizable to follow your Corporate Identity and data models

Standard Integrations

Standard blueprint connectors available for major backend systems (SAP, Hybris, SalesForce, InRiver and more...)

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Customizable SaaS service, fully leveraging Cloud Infrastructure and Custom-Configured connector modules

Move from Paper to App

Key Features

Digital Product Information

One-stop access to all sales- and customer-relevant product data. Everything you want (or need) to communicate about your products and services available at any time:

  • Masterdata like names, description, weights, dimensions, unique selling points and more
  • Product images or videos
  • 3D sketches, drawings, VR presentations
  • Price or stock information (provided real-time by your ERP system, if you want)
  • Easy filtering and searching

Fully integrated with your systems

No additional data maintenance and entry needed! ECB plugs in directly with major PIM (Product Information Management) system. You only need to decide which information should be made available in which way. Even stock, (customer specific) pricing, ATP (Available To Promise) or Digital Assets (from your DAM system) can be integrated directly. This significantly improves data accuracy and correctness while not requiring additional maintenance work.

High Performance

The service setup is based on industry best-practice content delivery solutions. Elastic search, paired with highly scalable cloud functions and a CDN (Content Delivery Network) fully decouples core service from your own systems and allows fast response times and perfect scaling with increased user-base and demands.

Web Portal, Android and iOS Application

The same functionality, look&feel and data can be used via web application (like a Sales Portal) as well as within Android and iOS "apps" that can be installed either from the app store or by providing specific installation links to your user. Presence in Google's and Apple's marketplace can boost your brand recognition and open new business opportunities! Even for existing customers or your own sales team, installed applications provide relevant product information and support processes at a fingertip!

Offline Capable

Specific elements of the ECB can be used without internet connectivity. This allows sales support even in the unlikely event of network problems at client's site. For ease of use, the application can also be installed as Android or iOS native application. Even during a temporary network outage, you will not loose any work on selecting products for your cart or shopping list.

Multiple Shopping Lists

To facilitate efficient order intake or product selection / bookmarking, multiple Shopping lists are supported in parallel. With one click, lists can be swapped or newly created. This, for example, can be used to prepare customer or segment specific product sets for sales talks or regular downloads.

Replaces inRiver Content Store

Impacted by the functional limitations of inRiver Content Store - lack of SSO, user management, performance, faceted search, download filename convention, over customizability? The ECB can be used as full replacement to give your prospects, B2B customers and Sales team up-to-date access to product and marketing information, download materials, videos, service documents.

Limited time offer

If you are (prospect) InRiver customer, you are eligible for our free data check and ECB setup offering!


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Blueprint Connectors


Trial Users


Due to the modular Microservice architecture, connector technologies in place can be easily extended and ajusted to your specific needs. Every source system is setup is different – but based on the pre-built framework components a fast and robust integration is set up quickly and easily. We’re confident that any PIM/DAM/ERP source system can be integrated easily to push your impression you leave on your customers to the 21st century!

Contact us for your individual demo!

In a 30min screencast we can individually guide you through one of our blueprint solutions and discuss how your specific needs can be addressed.